Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Pizza in the bath!

Coriander seeds – Spice of the Month

As well as fresh coriander (cilantro) the dried seeds of coriander are used as a spice.

Coriander seeds blend well with garlic and chilli – they have a mild lemony taste – don't imagine it is at all like fresh coriander. It is not an in your face flavour but assists to subtly bind together other flavours.  I have now put some roasted coriander seeds into a spare peppermill and am going to use it often.

Coriander seeds are good with cumin but you need to use twice as much coriander seed as cumin or else it will be lost – the flavour will be enhanced if you dry roast the seeds before adding them to your dish

Coriander seeds go with:

Caraway seeds
Chick peas
Cumin seeds
Sesame seeds

A pot of coriander seeds was found in Tutankhamun's tomb
The seeds were also used by the Romans

Coriander is one of the flavours in gin – and is even found in some cosmetics!

Used in meat, fish dishes and curries

Ground coriander seeds form the base of most curry powders.

Try frying a few seeds with sausages.

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Monday, 27 June 2016

Putting this onto the commonplace board, but not sure what it means....


This month's quiz is about the European Union – for some reason it's been in the news lately…

As always the correct answer can be checked by highlighting the line under the question.  How well did you do?

1     How many countries are in the EU now? 27, 28 or 29?
2     How many different currencies are used in the EU? 7, 11 or 12?
3     Is Switzerland in the EU?
4     Where is the European Commission based?
5     Which of these flags is the flag of the EU?

6     Which Allied War Leader said in 1945 "We must build a kind of United States of Europe" – Truman, Stalin, Churchill or de Gaulle?
7     A euro is made up of 100 whats? – Eurines, Cents or Centimes
8     Which out of Sweden and Norway is a member of the EU?
9     When did England originally join what became the EU? 1975, 1973 or 1976?
10  Is the European Commission made up of democratically elected members?