Thursday, 17 August 2017

Moving right along....

Need Some Inspiration? Try Cakes!

Zebra Cake

I've drawn from Food on Friday: August for your inspiration today. Cakes are so decadent and often so very beautiful too.

The lovely cake at the top of this post is from Trisha of The Aspiring Home Cook – Zebra Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Layer Cake by I Sing in the Kitchen

Taco Cake by Jo and Sue  - so ingenious!

Blackberry and Apple Cake by April J Harris

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cake by James & Everett

To see lots of other great cakes, just pop over to my Food on Friday: Cakes Pinboard.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Close Enough To Touch by Colleen Oakley

Close Enough To Touch is a good book.  It has quirky characters that you need to find out what happens to them.  I spent quite a lot of time reading this when I had other things I should have been doing – not just yucky things either.

The heroine of the book is Jubilee Jenkins.  At the start of the book she has been housebound on her own for 9 years.  Then her mother dies and Jubilee no longer has a source of funds.

What Jubilee does and how she manages (or not) her condition is fascinating.  Her life intersects with a solo father – who is the strong silent type and his son Aja.  All of them are interesting but difficult characters.

One of the quotes on the back cover is 'Oakley delivers a story that overflows with compassion, humor, and the impulsive need to read just one more chapter until you reach the very satisfying end.'  Just so!